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Cocktail parties

950/= includes

Crisps & Nuts
Vegetables crudities
Vegetable springrolls
meat balls
Deep fried fish fingers, tarta sause
Meat Samosas
Barbequed spare ribs
Chicken wings

1200/= includes above &

CAVERY; choice of
  • Roast turkey
  • Sirloin beef
  • Roast Lamb
  • Served with home made rolls



Soda Ksh 75/=
Beer Ksh 250/=
Juice Ksh 75/=
Mineral Water 1/2ltr Ksh 75/=
Tot of Brandy 350/=
Tot of Gin Ksh 250/=
Tot of Vodka Ksh 250/=
Tot of Whisky Ksh 350=
Glass of red or white wine ksh 450=
Bottle of red or white wine Ksh 2000/=
Drinks charged per consumption.